Snow Removal

Augello Excavating can assist with snow removal and snow treatments.  In our area,where winters can be long and harsh, it is crucial to have a prompt and efficient snow removal company.   Augello Excavating has earned a reputation of reliability and our customers can enjoy the beauty of a snowfall rather than the headache of the snow removal.

Commercial Snow Removal

  • Augello Excavating has a full line of trucks, loaders and bulk salters to provide 24 hour emergency services for offices, industrial buildings, and other commercial sites.

Residential Snow Removal

  • Augello Excavating can assist clearing snow from driveways and in some cases, sidewalks.

Please contact us to receive an estimate for snow removal costs.  We offer multiple options for snow removal.

Augello Excavating uses both cinders and salt to assist in snow melting and ensure optimal safety.

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